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    Welcome to the site of the Official Army of Club Penguin, the only official army for the Club Penguin community on the internet! We are also the largest and strongest army in Club Penguin. If you would like to help us with our quest to rule all of Club Penguin and end those who stand in our way, please comment on the JOIN page and you will receive a rank as soon as possible. Thank you for joining and we hope you visit us at our CHAT, where you can talk to your fellow soldiers!

    ~ ACP Leaders, King Mondo and Super Edwin

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Important Defences for this week

Important Posts to Read:

Events for the Week

Getting to know Troops

10th Anniversary #Kg007

Everyone Must Attend and Recruit for this Defence

❗ Defence of Cozy❗

When: 28th August 2016

Server: Cozy


2:30 am EST

1:30 am CST

12:30 am MST

11:30 pm PST

12:00 pm IST

6:30 am GMT

Events for the Week 22nd August – 27th August

Important Posts to Read:

Important Defences to attend

Getting to Know Troops

Remember to comment on the results posts to show you attended!

Make sure to comment on this post which events you can attend!

❗ Today’s Events❗

❗ UK Mass War Training (20+ expected)❗

When: 27th August 2016

Server: Breeze


8:30 pm GMT

3:30 pm EST

2:30 pm CST

1:30 pm MST

12:30 pm PST


Getting to Know Your Troops: Episode ok2j32j0t0430jt05054 *keyboard barf*

Important Posts to Read:

Defence of Cozy time

Events for the Week

Hi ACP! It’s your Lord Almighty coming down here to give you another marvelous interview! But who you might ask, well, let’s find out!

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US War Training featuring bots©

Important Posts to Read:

Important Defence of Cozy time

Event schedule

Ahmed’s birthday party times

Hey ACP! Today we went on breeze for a war training. We did a lot of nice tactics like food bombs and waterfalls. We maxed 13 and averaged 11. Some bots raided us while we were in the plaza but they won’t bot us next time! Pictures are from edwin.

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[UK] War Training ft. Bots

Important Posts to Read:

Events for the Week

Important Defence times

Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, we logged on Breeze, Town, to have a war training session which ended up in us fighting more bots as practice. We maxed fifteen in this event, carry on reading for pictures and comment if you attended.

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Ahmed’s B’day

Heya guys!!😎 This is me Madona!!! No don’t worry it’s not something stupid but a very very important day on 26th August for Ahmed….. Its Ahmed’s B’day!!!

All are invited to Ahmed’s B’day Party, and we will have games like,

  • Pokemon Showdown
  • Slither.io/agar.io/diep.io
  • Club Penguin Party
  • And a fun chat at xat……

All are invited and have a grand party…. PLs read the information below carefully:-

  1. Date: 26th August 2016
  2. Time: 1 PM GMT, 6:30PM IST
  3. Venue: Xat.com/TheMKIAclub OR Xat.com/TheACP<<< click to come at the venue
  4. RSPV: Ahmed, Madonna, Robin….

~love, Madonna.


We defend Breeze (Again)

Important Posts to Read:

Events for the Week

Getting to know your troops

ACP’s 10th Anniversary #Kg007

Greetings, ACP. Today, we successfully defended Breeze, for the third time in three weeks, against Gigi Hadid who maxed around nine-ten compared to our consistent 15. Despite some difficulties with bots we managed to preserve and successfully defend Breeze. Carry on reading for pictures provided by myself, Mch and Ahmed. 

defence of breeze 22nd august 2016 7

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